Accepting consignment as a quality product, delivery on time, service with heart.

FuTai Industrial Co., Ltd.

Is a manufacturer of design, import and distribution Plastic injection mold equipment and tools Metal stamping molds and all kinds of mold assembly equipment.
Main service 
      1. Endmill Carbide
      2. Plastic mold parts
      3. Metal stamping mold parts
      4. Mold finishing equipment
      5. Cutting tool
      6. Resolution tools
      7. Receive work order
The company has a professional team to service our customers. Is a product that we have chosen to be suitable for quality and price For customers who want quality products at a fair price Where customers can be assured that they have bought the best products suitable for the job.

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The company emphasizes the policy of “high quality, price, fast delivery standard” which is the main goal in development.

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